F L A W D represents the duality that resides in all of us. The light and the dark. The chaos and the beauty.  We are all flawed, because we all have a story of making it out of a situation that challenged us to grow. Once we realize this and accept our true self, then we become beautifully flawd, erasing the shame of where we came from. F L A W D is a streetwear line merging into unisex styles, consisting of pieces made up of contrasting fabrics and prints. Because nothing is perfect...embrace the flaws.

 FLAWD curates a style that celebrates our individuality, while consciously making planet earth a little lighter. Right now, there’s 13 trillion tons of textile waste each year—95% of this can be upcycled, or in our world, upstyled. 

FLAWD taps into the endless possibilities of vintage threads that tell untold stories—and creates intermixed pieces that tell a story of pride, resilience, and rebirth. What story will your clothing tell?